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Thank You!

Using the app & your safety


We are post in a #metoo era. A time of immense potential for change and respect between people esp in the dating world. We want you to go out and have fun. Meet people in person, the right way and create enjoyable experiences and memories using our platform. Having said this, we must caution to be sensible and vigilant whenever meeting strangers for the first time. Common sense and safety must prevail, and we urge our users to be careful at all times.



You and Where You Live


Clinx does not reveal where you live or any other personal information about you other than your name, profile pic and what info you have chosen to add to your bio. We strongly caution against giving away your address information on a first date or chat with a stranger. Only share this and other private information if you feel absolutely comfortable. Even then, probably don’t anyway!



Fake Pics & Losers


Sometimes, the profile pic of our users wont necessarily represent what they look like in real life. You will see for yourself shortly after connecting on our platform how the likeness of their photo matches up. This is essentially the same for all dating apps. If a users profile pic is drastically different from their real life profile, we urge caution. Some people are scammers and losers. Some people are even underage. Be smart. Act smart.



Buy me?


Transactions for drinks are designed to go via our platform and not in person initially. If you feel pressured or harassed into purchasing/lending any drinks or money for anything else at all against your will, please end the conversation immediately. You may report this user to us.



Harassment, Reporting & Blocking


Firstly, and most importantly, if you feel harassed in any way shape or form, please end all contact and seek help from a friend or establishment staff. Our app urges you to report to us users for bad behavior so we can ensure accountability. If you need to call the police, do so immediately and do not be shy or embarrassed. Certainly, do not hesitate for any reason. Your health and safety come first at all times.  



Let’s talk about S.E.X…baby!


Its all up to you ;) we wont ask or tell. Please make sure your partner is clean of any sexually transmitted diseases. Do not be afraid to be forthright on this topic and be 100% certain. Also, its also probably a good idea to make sure there are no other secrete or  hidden partners (they conveniently forgot to mention) waiting to burst in with a phone and record his/her cheating partner experience and post it on youtube! Oops!



Keep innocence, innocent!


Unfortunately, there are some real bastards out there. 99% are not which is great news, but 1% are and you must remember at all times the ramifications of meeting someone new who you don’t really know anything about and where something innocent may lead and turn into. Be positive but be smart. Always.